Sunday, 8 January 2017

Income For Free



Key Revenue Adz is a Revenue share and advertising site launched on 23 Dec 2016.

As promotional incentive they are offering $10 bonus on sign up.

Verify your account by depositing just $1 into your purchase balance.
Now you can Use this $10 to buy 5 adpacks of $2 each which matures at $3.

This will earn you $0.20 daily as revshare (2%) on viewing 5 ads.
Viewing ads will also earn you few cents.

In less than 10 days you earn $2 and can buy 1 more adpack.
The first 5 adpacks will mature in 75 days at $15 total but by that time you would have additional 10 adpacks or even more if the referral income is good.

Promote and earn referral income to speed up your earnings.

The low cost advantage will attract more members here so the site is likely to grow.
The advertising sites and revenue share sites are generally doing well.

Have a look at this table

Getting referrals is easy.
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