Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Do You Take Calculated Risk?

We take chances everyday in our life.

Consciously or sub consciously we calculate 
the risk reward factor.

Those who took chances in Bitcoin are at huge profit today.

Risk Reward
By investing $10, if it can grow to $100 or more the risk reward ratio is good and it is worth taking chances. 
Yes! one must always review where you are investing. If it looks like a scam then better to stay away. But, most of the time it is difficult to judge. 

Who thought in 2009 that Bitcoin will give such returns?
Yet, there were people who just out of curiosity put some money into it without having any inclination of its great growth.

Suggested Strategy
Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
Get into 7 to 10 Low Risk - High Reward plans.
4 will fail
2 may just give back you initial investment
Even if 1 plan takes off, your life is made.

Of course I have to change my thinking

Low Risk - High Rewards Sites
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