Monday, 23 January 2017

Bitcoin Wealth Builder

Being an Internet Marketer for last 7 years, 
I have to admit that online business is risky.
But then, is it not true for traditional businesses also?

My friend invested INR 1,50,000 ( approx $2200) in a traditional business of procuring and marketing LED bulbs.
It was a full time work with many overhead expenses as well.
In 6 months time he lost the entire amount because the LED bulbs prices crashed and are still continuing to crash.

Are all Online Business Risky?
My 7 years of experience in IM has taught me how to identify reliable online businesses.
There are some with NO RISK.
One NO RISK business is "Donate and Receive" business concept which has stormed the online market.
There are many variations in it but a direct member to member paying concept is good because Admin has no role in controlling the money flow. All he has to do is keep the site running.

So what is the benefit to admin?
  1. He builds a huge list with almost the same cost as many "List Building" sites that are there in market.
  2. Using this list he can promote many things online.
  3. He gets traffic to his site. He can earn good income from advertisements on his site.
Benefit to members
  1. Joins a business with far less cost than a traditional business. One can start with as low as 0.0005 BTC (40cents) one time out of pocket, direct member to member payment.
  2. Potential to earn 115 BTC ( $106000 at today's rate of 1BTC = $930)
  3. Does not have to work full time
  4. Ease of working from anywhere using computer or even a smart phone. 
  5. Support from the team in a team building business. 
Bitcoin price is predicted to cross 
$3000 by end of 2017
It is certainly worth accumulating Bitcoins in your portfolio.

Read about the business that I am recommending and its advantage over other such business sites by clicking on the link below 

Here Is A Winning Online Business Site

My strong advice is JOIN even if you are skeptical. 40 cents is NO RISK at all. What if it works for you?

I am very confident that with a strong team everyone is going to benefit here.

Maj Aditya
(Retired Army Officer,
Retired Executive pilot
with Reliance Industries
and now Internet Marketer)