Thursday, 11 June 2015

How To Earn Online Income

Lesson # 1
There are only two basic things that you should do if you are new to online business.
  1. Join a reliable program which does not require any referrals to earn.
  2. Start learning how and where to promote
Most people struggle in online business because they do not learn the skills of promoting.
First thing first.
You need to learn Promoting skills.
A hard truth that I learned along the way to earning online.
You need to invest time or money or BOTH.
Is one hour a day OK for you? This is the time you will require to
understand "What is to be done to Earn".

Everything will seem easy and simple once you have learned it.

The reliable programs for beginners are the Traffic Exchanges (TEs).
In TE you view other members links and earn credits which you use to promote your links.
Earning credits is time consuming. You can also buy credits. As an upgraded member you are given certain credits every month.
TEs also become your money earning sites when people sign up with your TE referral link and buy credits or become paid members.

So my suggestion is to get started with TEs, earn credits, promote TE links.

Promoting Online 

Read this report. Understand it and implement it.
The process may take few months but you can build a good advertising platform
using this method. 

Use Team effort to earn.
For the benefit of newbies, I have made a very simple team effort system. You join, upgrade and submit your referral link which I promote through a rotator.
Rotator is one link which comprises of many links which are shown randomly
I ask people to join through this rotator link so randomly my other team members get referrals signing up with their link.

I ask other members also to promote this rotator link.
With the image below is linked one of my rotator for an advertising site which I am promoting because it has a very good income earning system.

Remember! Castles are not built in a day 
Persistence pays.

 Those who learn are the ones who earn.