Sunday, 7 June 2015

My Advertisement Pays - Review

There are lots of discussions on whether My Advertising Pays (MAP) is a genuine business model or a scam.

I was reading an article in a blog called TARA TALKS where she has her reasoning and some research which she has discussed.
Actually after the scam of Zeek Rewards and very recently Banners Broker where people have lost money, one has to be skeptical. This is not to mention thousands of other businesses which have also vanished either due to Promoters who are looking for short gains or do not find the business viable or due to legal problems.

It is scary to note that in spite of online businesses being in existence for more than two decades now, the legal clarity is still missing.

In 2011, a business that took India by storm also had to succumb to legalities. Many people have heard of Speak Asia. For three years the investigation carried on. Hey! three years is sufficient to ruin any business. The legal battle has just started which may again take some time. Speak Asia CEO Manoj Kumar died in between in Singapore while his family was in India but not allowed to leave India. Why? They were not part of the company and more over it is still to be established whether Speak Asia was a scam by the Indian Judiciary.

Coming back to MAP, a similar business has been in market since 2010 and is still going strong and has not faced any legal challenge as yet. Oh yes! there are thousands of similar business in the market but their growth is still insignificant and many have shut down also due to Promoter reason.

If advertising is a legal business and digital products are legal, doing business with them using online networking system is a variation to old school business thinking. The leverage, exponential growth and global reach are some of the many advantages.

If Amway business which is also a networking business is legal and is there since 1958, why a variant of that using the technology should be considered a scam or a pyramid scheme?

But YES! There are challenges and the biggest challenges are from old school thinkers and traditional businesses which are getting affected. More people are using internet than TV and spending more time on internet. Now even mobiles are loaded with internet features and are very affordable. Naturally the advertising pie of TV is going to become smaller as compared to online advertising sooner or later. One may see reaction to that.
The traditional selling concepts through stores or malls are going to be affected by online shopping business. Small stores are too small to pose any threat but the giant malls can unless they too adopt online shopping alongside and which many of them are doing.

What Is My Advertising Pays?

M.A.P is a revenue distribution advertising platform where you get paid to click on ads. There whole thing is you buy a “Credit” for $50 and you earn $60.
So what you have to do is click on 10 ads per day and you must watch these ads for certain amount of time.  In exchange for these 10 ads, you get paid $60 for your time.
When you do buy this advertising pack, you get the opportunity to sell your products or services to all of the My Advertising Pays members.
The only problem with this is…
Most of these members are here to make their $60 and have no intentions of buying your product or service.

The Cost To Join My Advertising Pays

To be an affiliate with this company, you have to buy at least 1 credit pack.  Once you are an active affiliate, you can now earn 10% commissions on the advertising packs that your referrals buy..  These packs range from $50 to $1000.
So your commissions will range from $5 to $100 on the high side. 

Earning Potential in My Advertising Pays

My Advertising Pays earnings will differ according to how many referrals they have and how many credit packs they are buying.
The minimum earning is $60 on your $50 investment.
A lot of people have problems recruiting people into a business and the reason for that is people just don’t want to learn the skill sets.

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My Advertising Pays Review – Conclusion

My inference.... My Advertising Pays is NOT a scam.  Let’s look at this logically.  First if it was a REAL scam, the FTC would have shut this down a long time ago.  A lot of bloggers that review opportunities say this is a ponzi scheme…the truth is it’s NOT.  It has a product which is the advertising packs.

The biggest objection people say about this company is…it’s not sustainable.
After doing some more research I see that My Advertising Pays has grown with Alexa world ranking 6400 which is quite good.  So as long as people are referred into the company, it will keep going.

One grey area-- The advertisements are only visible to the members and mostly they are the ones who are advertising their links. No big company advertisements are seen as yet.